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Developer: Panda Arcade Based in Melbourne, Australia

Release Date: 28 November, 2019 – Australia, New Zealand, Philippines 31 January, 2020 – Global February, 2020 – Belgium, Netherlands TBA – China

Platforms: Apple App Store Google Play Store

Website: www.picotanks.com

Regular Price: Free to play


Pico Tanks is a casual but competitive team-based brawler focused on action-packed combat and rewarding team play! Group up with your friends and compete in spectacular, real-time battles across multiple maps and game modes! Pico Tanks is free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store globally.


Pico Tanks began development in early 2017. The original prototype was an endless runner and it has since come a long way. Pico Tanks was unveiled at PAX Australia 2017 with networking, movement, combat, and its user interface all up and running. By PAX Australia 2018, new maps and game modes were introduced, with many new customisation options, gameplay adjustments, and an evolving metagame making it already feel like a full and polished game. In December of that year, Pico Tanks moved into the next phase of development by starting a closed beta program. In 2019, development rapidly progressed thanks to feedback from beta testers. Pico Tanks won an award at SXSW for Best Indie Mobile Game and was a finalist at Casual Connect London. In October, Panda Arcade announced that Pico Tanks would be coming to Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines November 28, with a global launch scheduled for January 31, 2020. Pico Tanks continued to expand after global launch with exciting and new update content, including: tank parts, maps, game modes, gameplay features, and mechanics. It has achieved notable success with 2.5 million downloads and numerous nominations and awards.


  • Prepare For Multiplayer Mayhem! Customise your own unique tank from thousands of possible combinations by selecting a base, a weapon, a number of special abilities, and a diverse selection of cosmetic items.
  • Adorable Art Nobody will be able to resist these cute little tanks and their cartoonish world!
  • Game Variety In 3v3 team battles, players can select a variety of game modes and a diverse selection of maps.
  • Bite-Sized Battles Pico Tanks was designed for short, fun gameplay sessions.
  • Genuine Thrills Even the best computer-controlled enemy cannot replicate the excitement and satisfaction of outsmarting a real, human opponent!
  • Teamwork Focus This is not “every tank for itself.” All of our major design decisions have had the intention to foster teamwork.
  • Positive Experience Pico Tanks has been built to give all players a pleasant experience. The matchmaking system minimises frustration by uniting players of similar skill levels, and the post-battle feedback system highlights every player’s contributions—no matter how small!
  • Exciting Rewards Every battle will feel worthwhile as players gain experience, unlock new game content, and collect new components for their tank.


  • “Winner of the Gamer’s Voice Award for Mobile Gaming” SXSW Gaming – March, 2019
  • “Finalist in Indie Prize Showcase Awards” Casual Connect London – May, 2019
  • “Finalist for Best Mobile Game” Australian Game Developer Awards – September, 2020
  • “Grand Winner for Mobile Multiplayer” NYX Game Awards – June, 2021
  • “Winner for Excellence in Ongoing Games (Games as a Service)” Australian Game Developer Awards – October, 2021


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The full selection of videos can be found on the Pico Tanks YouTube channel.


Higher quality versions of these images and more can be found here. Please contact picotanks@pandaarcade.com if you have specific image requests.

Higher quality versions of these images and more can be found here. Please contact picotanks@pandaarcade.com if you have specific image requests.

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About Panda Arcade

Panda Arcade is an indie games studio based in Melbourne, Australia. They specialise in cute and quirky games of mayhem. Their debut game, Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem, launched globally in January of 2020 to mobile. They are currently working on a new project alongside Pico Tanks called Hissy Fit: Make Snake Break, which is estimated to launch mid to late 2024 to mobile. Find relevant media about Panda Arcade here.


Paul Jakovich Project Lead & Programmer Alicia Jakovich Studio Manager Tim Aksu Lead Programmer Aaron Caratelli Programmer Will Mesilane Programmer Tomothy Schnmidt Programmer Dan Camilleri UI Design

James Bryce Lead 3D Artist Simone Rizio 3D Artist Jacinta Gonzalez 2D Artist, Social Media & Player Support Tegan Nicholson Digital Marketing Morgan Meehan-Lam Player Support Yoni Bresley Sound Designer Declan East Media Creator


Business Enquiries alicia@pandaarcade.com

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